DodakLash is a brand that was created by Abi & Brandon Dodak that specializes specifically in Lash Cleansers.

It all began when Abi started networking with other lash artists in the Portland Oregon Metro and heard the same story. They were tired of not being taken seriously by their clients. They wished there was a brand out there that was both luxury and affordable without sacrificing healthy ingredients. A brand you can be proud to represent to grow your business while making money. That's when DodakLash was born!

We're proud to say we're the first brand that is:

  • First Glass Only Brand.
  • First Luxury Lash Cleanser Brand.
  • First Brand That Is Both Manufactured and Shipped Out Of The USA.
  • First Brand That ONLY Focuses On Cleansers.
  • First Brand Made For Lash Artists AND Lash Clients.

Our brand is themed around roses, and will launch with our signature scent being rosewater because we're from Portland, the city of roses!

DodakLash stands out in so many different ways! From our brand promise to how we do business. Unlike every other brand, we're the first to focus on one product instead of selling everything! We source, manufacture, and package everything ourselves. This allows for no chance of cross contamination, allows us to control the quality of every cleanser and gives us full creative control! To name some quick points:

  • We Are A Luxury Focused Brand That Did Away With Plastic Cleanser Bottles.
  • We Are An Organic, Non-Toxic, Cruelty-Free Brand Located In Portland, Oregon.
  • We Have Environmentally Friendly Bottles.
  • We Provide Free Education To Both Clients And Artists, Message Us To Learn More!
  • We Are The Only Brand On The Market That Specializes In One Product Instead Of Being a General Store.

Our soap is manufactured in Portland, Oregon! Oregon is a staple in the United States for being progressive in organic, non-toxic, vegan, and cruelty free ingredients in the beauty and so many other industries. Because of this, we wanted to bring our pride of Oregon to the lash world!

DodakLash is located in Portland, Oregon. We have a physical retail/service location which allows for in store pickup, and it's where Abi can still live out her passion of providing world class eyelash extensions! We also have a packaging facility where we handle all of our orders.

We service the United States and select countries by providing world class US and international shipping partnered by Shopify! We are also trying to partner with brands that are focused on launching the industries first lash retail locations focused on supplying eyelash artists around the world! Stay tuned for more information and hopefully we see you soon if you visit any of these locations!

To learn more about our select international countries, please visit our Shipping Policy!

DodakLash is a Equally Focused Business, meaning we focus just as much importance to the client as we do to the lash artists.

For the Lash Artist, we have an industry leading reseller program which compliments your business. DodakLash provides the most opportunity out of all other big brands so you can focus more on your business and less on if this is the right decision for you. For more information on our reseller program, please refer to the next question in the FAQs!

For the lash client, we want you to feel confident that you don't have to rely in your artist to provide you the opportunity of purchasing your own cleanser! If your artist provides DodakLash Cleansers™, then their pricing will be cheaper so we recommend partnering with them!

While we have a reseller program, we believe it's not like other brands. Other brands often only discount their cleansers in bulk, and even if they do, it's usually less competitive than 25%. We go so much further!

We offer the industries BEST and most COMPLETE program. When you purchase 10+ of any combination of cleanser, you will receive 25% off the total price, free shipping, free brushes to equal the amount of cleansers purchased, and a sales sheet which includes recommended price points to sell your cleansers.

The idea of our program is simple, we don't want you to have to calculate how much you'll make vs how much you'll spend. You will always make double what you spend. So, for example, if you purchase $200 worth of cleansers, you can expect to make $400 which is a $200 profit. Simple right? We're glad you think so too!

By purchasing our cleansers at a 25% discount which includes free shipping and a brush, if you sell your cleansers to your clients including a brush in the bundle, you can expect to make a profit of what you spent. If you require more information, please Message Us.

Yes and no, or should I say absolutely not, but technically yes.

DodakLash will only ever be a Lash Cleanser Brand. We believe by only ever focusing on cleansers, this is how we will always consistently be the lash industries #1 cleanser provider for years to come.

Now we do say technically no because while our branding and website truly only highlight our cleansers, we still do provide and sell brushes because what cleanser company wouldn't at least supply a brush? We don't want to take the focus away from our DodakLash Cleansers™, but you get the picture.

Technical + General Questions

There are two ways you can get into contact with someone at DodakLash. You can either:

  • Send a DM via Instagram
  • Contact Us from our Contact Page

  • We monitor our Instagram and Email more frequently than any other option. There is no faster option, but we recommend sending more urgent requests to our contact page including as much notes as possible such as order# and the issue you're having. For questions regarding information around Dodaklash, our DodakLash Cleansers™, or our DodakLash Reseller Program, please DM us via instagram.

    Yes! We give ourselves 1-2 business days of processing & handling time for both your, and our convenience. If your order has not shipped yet, please send an email to contact@dodaklash.com including your order# and any changes you're needing. In most cases we can cancel the order and offer a refund if you're needing to change the shipping speed. For order's needing to exchange for a different scent or quantity, we can easily make the change without cancelling the order.

    It is your responsibility to reach out in time for us to make a change to your order. Because we have a no tampering policy, if your order has already been shipped we will not accept or process refunds/exchanges/returns unless your order comes damaged or not specified to the order you've purchased. For more information on our returns and exchange policy, please visit our Refunds Policy.

    Yes. We encourage everyone to create an account on our website. From there you can track orders, track order history, create shipping address for quicker checkouts and keep up with all things DodakLash!

    We will strive to always be in stock, especially since we personally understand the importance of having quality cleansers available. In the event we're out of stock it depends on the circumstances to provide a clear answer to how soon we'll be restocked. However, since one of our promises is to always be in stock, we will provide a pre-order option which will come with a free brush, free shipping and a 25% discount.

    If your order arrives broken, you need to reach out to contact@dodaklash.com within 48 hours in order to process an exchange.

    We have done several drop tests personally measuring the quality of our glass. We can confidently say, when completely packaged, you can drop our bottles from 9 ft, where 95% of our bottles didn't have a chip, or crack and 100% didn't break from a sample of 100. So, if your order arrives broken we will need to see immediate proof to provide an exchange or refund. We stand by our quality, and our customer service.

    If you ordered the wrong soap it is your responsibility to reach out before your order ships. Once your order ships, you will not be accepted for an exchange

    The reason why is because we never want anyone to feel like they would ever receive a repackaged order. We have a tamper-proof promise where once a bottle leaves our facility, it will never be resold or repurposed. Therefore, because we promise this high of quality, we will never accept a return or exchange once it's shipped unless it arrives broken or you receive the wrong order.

    We offer both expedited shipping and expedited shipping & handling. If you need an order shipped out the same day, please pay for expedited process & handling otherwise you will be subjected to our normal Shipping Policy.

    In person pickup is always offered! We will eventually implement a system where you can just show up, but due to limited availability we will have the following in place:

    Please navigate to our Contact Page, read our in store pickup instructions and fill out the form. You will be charged in store, so please do not pay for an order online.

    Unable to find what you're looking for? Let us help! Contact Us